Commercial Print

Our experienced Commercial Print staff offers prompt press scheduling and printing estimates, file integrity assurance from uploading to our website, and preflighting of your files for computer to plate output.

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Gone are the days of paste-up and stripping negatives.  Our two Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter autoloading plate imagers take the image directly from computer to plate in under two minutes.  They then automatically feed the plates directly into the ovens, then into the processors.

Computer-to-plate (CTP)
CTP offers our clients a number of advantages over conventional platemaking, including faster and more consistent plate production, sharper detail, and improved registration. CTP allows us to increase our output and save our clients money.

Kodak Prinergy PDF workflow
This advanced PDF workflow system allows us to drive our efficiency, reduce errors, enhance print quality and closely monitor each step in the pre-press process.

Kodak Insite Pre-press Portal
Kodak Prinergy EVO Workflow
Full PDF Workflow
Kodak Trendsetter News Thermal Platesetter
(Computer To Plate)
Kodak Square Spot Thermal Imaging
36 Micron Stochastic Screening


Our KBA Comet web press is capable of 65,000 impressions per hour with full color available on up to 24 broadsheet pages at a time.  Our dedicated and experienced press staff constantly monitors ink delivery, registration, and overall print quality on two control consoles throughout your press run.

multiple advantages of offset web printing, including superior efficiency, cost savings, and excellent image and type quality for high-volume commercial printing

KBA Comet web Press with web widths up to 32 inches.
X-Rite Densitometer

Environmentally friendly ink.  Tons of recycled paper.


Our knowledgable personell and sophisticated equipment ensure accurately stitched and trimmed products as well as inserting advertising supplements.

Muller Martini Stitcher Trimmer, consisting of two signature feeders, one cover/folder feeder and a three knife trimmer.

This equipment gives us the capability to offer both signature (10” x 7 5/8”) and stitched and trimmed tabs (12” x 10”) with other sizes available upon request.


Creative distribution and delivery solutions.  We work with a number of commercial shippers and private contractors to get your printed product to where you need it, when you need it.

Our friendly mailroom staff are also on hand to help load your product into your vehicle should you decide to make your own distribution arrangements.