About Us

Northwest Web Press is founded on three fundamentals; commitment, expertise and reliability.

Commitment is in our DNA. We understand that publishing is more than good business, it is important work.  For more than a century, The Bulletin has been printed right here in Central Oregon and is the source for news and information that our community relies upon.  Their customers serve a vital niche in the lives of their constituents.  Northwest Web Press was born from that same rich heritage started so long ago. We view our part in printing your publication with that same level of commitment. As technology has allowed us to bridge distance we have grown to serve commercial printing customers throughout Oregon. We have invested in state of the art production equipment that has allowed us to garner first place print quality awards 9 times over the past decade. Our confidence in our ability to offer superior print quality and customer service has allowed us to foster strong relationships as our customers know they are able to publish the best possible product.

Expertise – We have a vested interest in the welfare and profitability of our customers, and we view our role as a partnership in the success of our clients. There are a wide range of services we provide to back that up. At the beginning of a relationship we provide all technical requirements needed to successfully publish. In addition we have often delved into the strategic business and marketing needs of our customers to fully understand how we may assist.

We are able to fit your job into an established production path without missing a beat. Conversely we have assisted a number of publications at start-up, from the concept stage to profitable ongoing publication.

We have extended news page design consultation that has helped our clients increase readership, and ad production consultation that has helped increase the bottom line. We also offer training and consultation for working photos to get the best possible result.

We’re proud to reference our work in with the Confederated Umatilla Journal who serves the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Our consultation and hands on assistance with photo work has resulted in the CUJ winning multiple awards from the Native American Journalists Association.

We’re proud of our experience serving Tribal publications we realize that these publications play a crucial role in Tribal life and are often the result of a labor of love. Our goal is to make printing and distribution the easiest part of their job. We have been able to do this for The Spilyay Tymoo News, published by the Warm Springs Tribe, and for the Confederated Umatilla Journal published by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Reliability – As you’ve seen, we often point to our longevity in the marketplace as a testament to reliability. Our track record of meeting publication for our partner The Bulletin and for our customers is solid, however we know the strongest evidence is that provided by our customers.